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About the Nursing and Care Services Program

Three-year study and training Program completed with the Vocational Certificate.

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Acquired knowledge and skills:

  • Students learn how to provide direct care and help to socially-disadvantaged clients, both children and adults, who need such services due to their health disability, long-term illness, age or other serious challenges, and are dependent on others to cope with their problems in everyday life.
  • Graduates of this Program will be ready to take care of the household of the client and help in families with children.
  • They will be able to communicate with their clients in an appropriate way and to organize their own work properly.
  • They will become familiar with products and tools needed in cleaning work and their proper use; they will also be able to handle suitable cleaning equipment and machines
  • They will also learn how to prepare cold and hot meals and drinks, to select and use suitable ingredients, to process them, and prepare for serving.
  • They will understand the principles of a healthy diet, as well as the rules of proper dining. They will be knowledgeable about selecting, appropriate storage, and handling of various types of food and drinks.
  • They will also have knowledge of basic textile materials used in sewing linen and clothes, as well as practical skills needed for sewing and repairing linen and home accessories (bedding, curtains, draperies, etc.), including work on a sewing machine.
  • They will learn technological procedures necessary for manual and machine washing and ironing of clothes.

The length and type of study:

  • After three years of study and training the Vocational Certificate and the Leave Certificate are awarded.
  • The Program takes place in two one-week cycles. One week of professional training alters with one week of study.
  • Professional Training takes place in the specialized classrooms of the School.
  • Starting the second half of the 2nd year, the students work at the Social Services Semily, Special Elementary School in Semily, and in the Children Centre and Kindergarten Na Olešce, also in Semily.

Benefits during the period of study and training:

  • Students will be provided with basic personal and protective equipment (work clothes, work gloves, footwear);
  • The boarding is provided in the School’s canteen, with the option of ordering food online;
  • Students can find accommodation in a pleasant and well-equipped dormitory;
  • The use WIFI is for free.

The field of Nursing Services is a vital part of the life of community and society, and it suits both girls and boys. There will never be lack of jobs in this field.

Job Prospects

  • Interesting jobs available on the labor market;
  • You can find jobs in various institutions of social services (senior homes, facilities for people with disabilities, centres of daytime services, or in other facilities providing services to the needy);
  • You can also work in mobile social services, especially in help and support in homes of challenged clients or families with children;
  • Graduates can also work as homecare workers, personal assistants or helpers at homes of challenged clients;
  • They can find job in companies specializing in cleaning and care services;
  • Or work as helpers in kitchens, in workshops dealing with clothes adjustment and repairs, or in laundry and press shops.

The graduates may also continue in their studies in our Extended Study Program, and complete it after 2 years with the Maturita-Leave Exam. During this period, they will learn how to run an independent business and be their own boss.

Nursing and Care Services, or rather people who deliver them, are indispensable partners and helpers to persons who have limited autonomy. They help such challenged people to live full and dignified life. Based on my own experience and my longtime cooperation with the School I am convinced that this specialization prepares students well for this demanding profession. During their practice in senior homes, the students will learn some other important characteristics that help them in their work – such as empathy, personal approach, and the skill of listening. Come to work with us and become new “good angels”!

Ing Step
ing. Eva Matura Štěpničková, DiS.,
Director, Social Services Semily, publicly co-financed organization



Category and Name of Courses TaughtNumber of training hours per week
A. General Education Courses        
Czech Language and Literature 2 1,5 1,5 5
Foreign Language (Engl, Germ) 2 2 2 6
Civics 1 1 1 3
Mathematics 2 1 1 4
Physics 1 1 - 2
Chemistry - - 1 1
Biology and Ecology 1 - - 1
Physical Training 1 1 1 3
Personal Computers 1 1 1 3
B. Professional Courses
Economy - 1 1 2
Cleaning Services 1 - - 1
Dining Services 1 1 2 4
Sewing and Repair of Clothes and Home Accessories - 1 1 2
Washing and Ironing - 1 - 1
Basics of Nursing Services 1,5 1 2 4,5
Health and Family Education 1 2 1 4
Professional Training 17,5 17,5 17,5 52,5
Total Hours 33 33 33 99

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