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Training Program: Cabinetmaker

About the Cabinetmaker Program

Three-year study and training Program completed with the Vocational Certificate.

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Benefits of this Program:

  • Students in their second and third years receive a remuneration for their productive work, which may reach 1 000 crowns a month;
  • They will learn to work with solid and agglomerated materials;
  • Their work takes place at clean and modern-furnished workshops with efficient air circulation;
  • Professional instructors offer the individual approach to their students according to their needs; ​
  • Students will learn how to work with classic woodworking machines and handle modern CNC machine tools at the School workshop;
  • The Cabinetmaker workshop is located close to the bus and train terminals;
  • Students can live in a pleasant and well-furnished youth dormitory;
  • They can enjoy WIFI for free;
  • They also participate in showrooms, lectures, and seminars offered by construction companies, as well as in thematic exhibitions and field trips;
  • They can take part in competitions to prove their knowledge and skills.

The Cabinetmaker Program is being offered not only to boys but also to girls and young women.

The length and type of training:

  • After 3 years of study and training, students will receive their Vocational Certificate and a Leave Certificate.
  • The study takes place in two weekly cycles. The week of theoretical teaching and the week of professional training alternate.
  • Professional training takes place at the workshops of the School. Students in the second and third year can work on contracts directly for customers. During such work they gain experience from practical activities, which enable them to master their trade in the future.
  • Professional training may take place at the facilities and workshops of affiliated companies.

The Content of the Study:

First Year - in the first year, the student will learn how to:

  • Recognize different types of trees and wood​;
  • Cut with a hand-frame saw or cap​ saw;
  • Plane​ wood;
  • Chisel and gouge wood​;
  • Make dovetail joints;
  • Create joints for pin and groove; ​
  • Make connections for pin and nog.

Students will learn how to make simple wooden products, which they can take home. They make all the products independently under supervision of a professional Instructor. They will learn to glue the products and check the quality of the parts. Such produced artifacts they may use as Christmas presents and make happy their family and friends.

Second Year

Second-year students will learn to work with agglomerated materials, make cabinet bodies, and assemble various types of fittings. They will learn how to work with and take care of dimensional saws. They will get acquainted with the operation and handling of the ABS edging and milling machines. In the second half-year, an intensive training in a modern CNC machine-tool centre takes place.

Third Year

Third-year students will get acquainted with using and servicing classic woodworking machines such as band saws, thicknessers, planers, grooving drills, and band grinders, while paying attention to the workplace safety rules.

They will learn how to make simple products of solid wood, e.g.: ​

  • Classic and modern doors and windows 
  • Convenient staircases
  • Beautiful tables​
  • Desks and benches of various kind
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Well-functioning garage gates 

Do not hesitate and apply for this Program to become a CABINETMAKER! This trade is a treasure trove of benefits. All our Instructors and your future classmates look forward to see you on board!

Job Prospects:

  • The Graduates will find jobs as Cabinetmakers in companies and organizations dealing with furniture production, wooden appliances or constructions (e.g. doors and windows).
  • They can also work in repair and renovation of wooden products (e.g. furniture).
  • They will find work operating CNC machines for carpentry and cabinetmaking.  
  • After graduation they may run an independent business with their Trade License qualification.
  • The Graduates can also continue in his or her studies at our Extended Study Program, and complete it after 2 years with the Maturita-Leave Exam. 




Category and Name of Courses TaughtNumber of training hours per week
A. General Education Courses
Czech Language and Literature 2 1,5 1,5 5
Foreign Language 2 2 2 6
Civics 1 1 1 3
Mathematics 2 2 1 5
Physics 1 1   2
Chemistry     1 1
Biology and Ecology 1     1
Physical Training 1 1 1 3
Personal Computers 1 1 1 3
B. Professional Courses
Economy   1 1 2
OTechnical Drawing 1 2 2 5
Materials 2 2 1 5
Production Machines 1 1 0,5 2,5
Technology 2 2 3 7
Professional Training 17,5 17,5 17,5 52,5
Total 34,5 34 33,5 102

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