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Training Program: MASONRY WORK

About the Program

Three-year study and training Program completed with the Vocational Certificate.

During this Program in Masonry Work, which is also suitable for those with special needs, students obtain, under the leadership of experienced Instructors, the necessary skills in building constructions, reconstructions and repairs, and master the fundamentals of basic masonry and concrete work.

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Did you build toy houses when you were a child? Would you like to be able to build a real house from the ground up to the roof? Do you like varied and interesting activities? Do you wish not to be afraid of losing work in your lifetime? Then come to train with us! We offer:

  • Practice at construction sites under the leadership of experienced Instructors;
  • One week of professional training alters with one week of study;
  • After three years you will receive your Vocational Certificate;
  • You will acquire practical skills useful for work at new construction or reconstruction sites.

Our students will:

  • Do concreting and casting job for the foundations and floors, etc., install wall insulation of vertical construction from various types of material; make ceilings and other finishing work, as well as surface treatment with plaster or ceramic tiles. In the process, they learn how to use and maintain appropriate tools and machines.
  • They acquire working knowledge of constructions of all types, as well as practical skills in building them; they can, for instance, meet a demand for drywall installation, window fitting, thermal insulation of outer walls, reconstruction of wet masonry, etc. They also learn how to apply modern technologies and materials.
  • They learn to read and use technical documentation, make simple construction drawings, do calculations of material expenditure. In addition, they acquire notion of pricing and general economic issues, so they can work independently with their Trade License, if desired.
  • They would also be able to manage their own company while utilizing modern ICT technology (which is offered as part of the training).  

Our skilled students take part in and regularly win top places in construction trade-show competitions.

There is still lack of craftsmen in this field. The construction industry has no limits to growth. The results of your work will be visible forever!

Job Prospects for Trained Masonry Workers

Graduates in this field awarded the Vocational Certificate can take qualified jobs in construction companies and work as:

  • Bricklayers
  • Concreters
  • Tiling workers
  • Assemblers, and
  • other professionals.

The Graduates may also continue in their studies in our Extended Study Program, and complete it after 2 years with the Maturita-Leave Exam. During this study, they will learn how to do business in their specialization and be their own boss.



Category and Name of Courses TaughtNumber of training hours per week
A. General Education Courses        
Czech Language and Literature 2 1,5 1,5 5
Foreign Language 2 2 2 6
Civics 1 1 1 3
Mathematics 2 1 1 4
Physics 1 1 - 2
Chemistry - - 1 1
Biology and Ecology 1 - - 1
Physical Training 1 1 1 3
Personal Computers 1 1 1 3
B. Professional Courses
Economy - 1 1 2
Technical Drawing 1 1 1, 3
Materials 1 1 1 3
Reconstructions - - 1 1
Selected Issues - 1 - 1
Technology 1 1 2 6
Professional Training 17,5 17,5 17,5 52,5
Total 32,5 32 32 96,5

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