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About the Metal Cutter Program

Three-year training, completed with a Vocational Certificate.

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Acquired knowledge and skills:

  • Servicing, adjustment, and operation of conventional and numerically controlled machine tools;
  • Tooling of materials by shaping, drilling, boring, reaming, thread-cutting, milling, planning, broaching or extruding or grinding metal parts, machine parts and tools;
  • Adjustment and operation of numerically controlled machine tools (CNC machines);
  • Operation of 3D printers and preparation of drawing documentation in a CAD program.

Financial support during the period of study and training:

  • This training program is supported by the Liberec Region; students receive a motivation stipend of 500 crowns each month (15 000 crowns in total during the Program). In addition, they may also receive special merit-based stipend, which is paid on a half-year basis and amounting to 12 000 crowns over the 3-year period.
  • Second and third-year students receive a bonus for a productive work done, which can reach up to 1 000 crowns per month.

Other benefits during the period of study and training:

  • Students are provided with basic personal and protective equipment (work clothes, work gloves, footwear);
  • They are also provided with necessary tools and equipment for practical training;
  • Practical training is closely linked to theoretical study. Specialized training takes place in the engineering company Charvát AXL a. s. during the whole period of training;
  • Students participate in showrooms, lectures, and seminars offered by renown companies, and in thematic exhibitions and field trips;
  • They take part in competitions to prove their knowledge and skills in their area of specialization;
  • The boarding is provided at the School’s canteen, which offers an option of ordering food online. They can find accommodation in a pleasant and well-equipped dormitory;
  • The use WIFI is for free;
  • They will study and train in the School known for its tradition, modern equipment, individual approach to students, and friendly atmosphere.

The length and type of study:

  • After 3 years of study and training, a Graduate will receive his /her Vocational Certificate and a Leave Certificate.
  • The study takes place in two weekly cycles. The week of theoretical teaching and the week of professional training alternate.
  • Specialized training is provided by the company Charvát AXL a. s.

This is a specialization with a long tradition, where you can find a rewarding job!

Metal Cutter Program - job prospects for Graduates

  • There is a strong demand for these specialists in the labor market;
  • A specialist can find a good job in any company, which focuses on activities related to machining of especially metal-type materials;
  • After graduation, a number of jobs are offered directly at Charvát AXL a.s. company, in which the training has taken place;
  • The graduate might also continue in further studies at our Extended Study Program, and complete it after 2 years with the Maturita-Leave Exam. During the Extended Program, the Graduate will learn how to do business in this field and to be his or her own boss.


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